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At WT Financial Group we’ve created a company structure and assembled a team of individuals who not only possess industry and technical experience to help Australian's achieve their financial goals but who passionately share our philosophy that great financial advisers deserve a great home - a better home – for themselves and their clients.

Wealth Today Pty Ltd

ABN 62 133 393 263 | AFSL 340 289

The Group’s Wealth Today operations contribute around 65% of WT Financial Group’s Revenue from Ordinary Activities and are the engine-room for our growth as the disruption occurring in the financial services industry presents unprecedented growth opportunities. Visit the Wealth Today website to learn more about our range of services for advisers and their clients.

Under the Wealth Today model, suitably qualified financial advisers are open to apply to join the group. Following extensive due diligence, qualification and reference checking (following ABA protocols), and induction training, those that are successful with their applications are appointed as either corporate authorised representatives (incorporated parties with one or more advisers) and/or authorised representatives (individuals). Once appointed they then pay both fixed service fees and a variable fee component linked to their turnover. This aligns Wealth Today with the success of our advisers’ practice growth and appropriately links fee revenue with requisite service and support levels.

Wealth Today provides appointed advisers with a comprehensive range of licensing, compliance, education & training, and technical support; and practice management and development services, including extensive consumer marketing and education tools.

Importantly, Wealth Today is a B2B brand, (rather than a consumer facing brand) with our authorised representatives operating under their own company, business and brand names enabling them to build personal connection to their clients and the communities in which they operate.

Wealth Today also operates an open, or “non-aligned” APL (approved product list) enabling advisers to choose from a broad range of financial products, platforms and services to best suit their clients’ goals and objectives, rather than being limited to a particular institutional product list.

Wealth Today does not accept “shelf fees” or “volume bonuses” from product providers, and importantly (other than compliance and monitoring software) does not “mandate” or dictate the use of any particular financial product, service or investment platform – nor “white label” other’s products.

Wealth Today continues to innovate in the delivery of support to our advisers through comprehensive education and training programs and by making available centralised advice services under our “team-based approach” to client advice. This model enables advisers to confidently advise a broad range of client types and circumstances in an increasingly complex regulatory and legislative environment by accessing expertise and support on a pay-as-you-use fee structure. The Group is seeing advisers attracted to our real-world experience in dealing with retail clients and the value this adds to their own practices and clients.


Spring Financial Group

Through the various entities that make up the Spring Financial Group B2C operations the Group provides wealth management, retirement, investment and financial advice; mortgage and finance advice; real estate advice and buyers agency services. It is also the investment and asset manager of a disability housing fund; and provides accounting & tax advice and compliance services. Visit the Spring Financial Group website to learn more about our range of financial services for consumers.

These operations underwrite critical intellectual property, and skilled human resources experienced in the practical application of financial advice and services, regulatory and legislative compliance, and training and education, which enable the Group to provide meaningful “real world” support and insights to the growing number of advisers in our Wealth Today dealer group, which provides a competitive advantage in attracting new advisers.

The Group’s B2C operations also serve as a “research and development lab” for both consumer and practice management strategies; setting Wealth Today apart from dealer groups that have no exposure to the practical application of the marketing and delivery of advice to consumers on a day-to-day basis.

To rationalise compliance, audit, operational, and insurance costs, the Group’s primary B2C wealth management operations (delivered through our subsidiary SFG Private Wealth Pty Ltd) are licensed by Wealth Today as a corporate authorised representative. This structure is important in ensuring that the Group’s own B2C systems, processes, compliance, education & training, technology and “approved product lists” are aligned with the B2C operations of the advisers in the Wealth Today dealer group.

The various entities operating under the Spring Financial Group banner are as follows:

SFG Private Wealth Pty Ltd

ABN 59 629 652 311

SFG Private Wealth Pty Ltd provides financial advice and solutions to retail and wholesale clients across a broad range of services; including superannuation investments, insurance, finance, equities, direct and SMSF residential and commercial properties. It is a Corporate Authorised Representative (No 1268816) of Wealth Today Pty Ltd, who holds an Australian Financial Services License (No 340289).

Spring FG Realty Pty Ltd

ABN 16 150 134 946

Spring FG Realty is a licensed real estate company; with licences in New South Wales (1708663), Queensland (3510266), Victoria (074746L) and ACT (18401881). It provides both buyers’ agency and vendor agency services.

Spring FG Realty is also the asset manager for the Specialist Residential Property Impact Fund (Fund). Visit the Fund website at srpfund.com for further details.


Spring FG Accounting Pty Ltd

ABN 70 169 385 746

Spring FG Accounting provides a comprehensive range of accounting and taxation advice and solutions; including tax planning and structuring, and preparation and lodgement of tax returns with the ATO Spring FG Accounting is a registered tax agent and an SMSF specialist practice.


Spring FG Funds Management Pty Ltd

ABN 36 611 176 517 – CAR 001274191

Spring FG Funds Management Pty Ltd (ABN 36 611 176 517) is the investment manager of the Specialist Residential Property Impact Fund (Fund), a managed investment scheme established to provide retail and wholesale investors the opportunity to participate in an emerging market of disability housing, and to help deliver vitally important social outcomes for people with disabilities and their families and carers.

Visit the Fund website at srpfund.com for further details.

It is a corporate authorised representative of Wealth Today.


Spring FG Finance Pty Ltd

ABN 36 611 176 517 – CAR 001274191

Spring FG Finance is a registered business and trading name of WT Finance Pty Ltd (ABN 55 169 386 430) (Australian Credit Licence 493159). Spring FG Finance services include home loan solutions designed to suit a range of needs, primarily for SFG Private Wealth clients.


Spring FG Digital Pty Ltd

ABN 36 611 176 517 – CAR 001274191

Spring FG Digital is a 50%-owned joint-venture subsidiary with Informed Investor Pty Ltd. It operates the Group’s educational and market information website ShareCafe. Spring FG Digital is a corporate authorised representative of Wealth Today authorised to provide general advice and information.

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